Luis Gal, Mexico City, Mexico, b. 1957

Luis Gal was in born in Mexico City. He was trained in both Mexico and France in various studios and the Regional School of Fine arts, mainly in the arts of sculpture, engraving and stained glass. He now resides and works in Mexico City.

Gal provides an interesting take on landscape because he avoids the typically saturated, tropical Latin American colors. Instead, he is more interested in the sophisticated play of light, which is one clue to his training in France where the influence of the Impressionists still holds sway. Gal takes the viewer on a journey through a new side of Mexico with the soft and dreamlike environments that he creates. “The portraitist occupies himself with a subject matter that is at the same time alive and vulnerable; he celebrates forms–the triumph of blood and its invisible wanderings–but he also records the corrosive passage of the hours. ” – Juan Villoro

Luis Gal’s work has been included in several collections and museums in North and Central America. These include the Metropolitan Autonomous University, Mexico City; Museum of Natural History, Mexico City; and French-Latin American Institute, Mexico City.