This series was a part of Chuck Ramirez’s exhibition “Bean & Cheese” that came from his 2002 Artpace Residency.

The handout for this exhibition talks about this series, stating: “At Artpace he presented an amazing rough and violent catalogue of food. instead of creating photographs of food produce you desire, even envy, like commercials are meant to be, he produced a disturbing panorama of food displayed in a clinical way. With the series of meat cuts, he builds a landscape that reminds us, as creatures of flesh, we too are only meat. Two close-up images, one of fruit cocktail and the other of green peas, both straight out of the can, play with the lucid and attracting power of bright colors to ring a bell of multicultural mixing, as well as humankind sameness. Looking like magnificent images at first, the fruits and peas become frightening. The focus reveals that all of these are made identical and generic. The caution “you are what you eat,” underlines this series and links it to another series that focuses on incomprehensible lists of ingredients of popular food. Displayed on a white banquet table, these texts replace  the banquet’s plates of the inner nature and value of such food beyond its image. The clinical scene suggests an empty party for ghost guests wearing white gloves. No crumbs or traces allowed. From the appearance of a traditional life ritual celebration, the banquet’s table turns into a funeral celebration: a sterilized dinner with no human contact and no real food.”

Sans, Jerome, “Chuck Ramirez: Bean & Cheese,” Artpace San Antonio, 2007.