Embracing Cross-Cultural Pollination

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As the hot summer days start fading away to welcome this rainy fall season, Ruiz-Healy Art says goodbye to The Blue Experience to install its latest exhibition: Made in Mexico.

The group exhibition honors the amalgamation of both U.S. and Mexican cultures and embraces the diversified practices of the featured artists. The exhibition showcases works by Pedro Diego Alvarado Rivera, Carlos Amorales, Laura Anderson Barbata, Marifer Barrero, Pedro Friedeberg, Graciela Iturbide, and Shinzaburo Takeda among others.

Ismael Vargas, “Sombreros”, Oil on linen, 47.25 x 59″, 2015

It is not coincidental that the careful selection of Mexican artists, together with San Antonio’s tricentennial, set a perfect frame to celebrate Mexican Independence during the month of September. The exhibition’s name, “Made in Mexico”, is inspired by the internationally famous logo “Hecho en México”, a symbol used to distinguish products fabricated in Mexico from other foreign products. The sense of Mexican pride nurtured by the nation’s fight for independence, together with the many qualities of the country’s territory and its nationals, are reflected on each artwork included in the exhibition and will make visitors cherish and bring home a little piece of Mexico.

Patricia Ruiz-Healy, gallery director, has commented that: “Most of these artists have been part of the gallery program since the first show in the fall of 2006 so to me this is in many ways a look back at the roots of the gallery program.” Made in Mexico artists were selected based on their view of the world, in terms of an alternate reality fueled by imagination, poetry, myth, and nature. Barrero, Barbata, and Amorales explore the delicacy of paperwork, while Carlo Magno and Graciela Iturbide embrace mexicanismo on their photographs and sculptures. Luis Gal and Pedro Diego Alvarado use traditional techniques to express the wonder of Mexican landscapes.

¡Viva México!


Written by: Roberta Zertuche

Made in Mexico will be on view September 13 to November 3, 2018.

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