Six Latin American Artists Reveal Their ‘Photographic Encounters: Humanity in Nature’
Exhibit on display Sept. 3-30 at International Center during FotoSeptiembreUSA
Miami artist Carlos Betancourt (born in Puerto Rico) uses digital photography and computer manipulation techniques to create opulent images in rich jewel tones, which he masterfully exemplifies in a portrait piece titled “Totem for Light I.”
Betancourt is one of six Latin American artists who will showcase their works in “Photographic Encounters: Humanity in Nature” at the City of San Antonio International Center, 203 S. St. Mary’s Street.

Presented by Ruiz-Healy Art and in conjunction with FotoSeptiembreUSA, the show was curated by New York art critic and scholar Graciela Kartofel. The exhibit can be viewed at the International Center daily through Sept. 30.

The unifying theme that connects the six artists is nature and identity, Patricia Ruiz-Healy says. “It is the idea of the intersection between nature and the human form whether it’s self-portraits of the artists or their use of the human form in exploration of our place in the world as it relates to nature,” she says.

Yolanda Andrade of Mexico works with themes of nature in her signature documentary style; viewers, no doubt, will find the works of Peruvian-born artist Cecilia Paredes fascinating; Paredes paints her body to become the subject of her photography.
Three other participating artists are also featured. Arturo Almeida of San Antonio whose abstract black and white photographs of Joshua Trees echo cycles of the artist’s own life. Also shown are works by the Argentinean Alicia Candiani, a world-renowned conceptual artist, and Alfredo De Stéfano of Mexico, who explores the topic of the desert lands.


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