Jesse Amado: 30 Day Rx

April 30 – June 6, 2015

Jesse Amado works in the space between life and art. His artwork is conceptual and formal. He explores the aesthetic essence and significant existence of tangible objects, intangible notions and individual experience. A reader and student of English literature, he has in the past used the elements of written language in his work, letters as sculpture and words as design. He has investigated each letter, word or phrase as if it carried a spirit, always reflecting its past and inherent character. He has the ability to cut through the ordinary context of common objects (that includes words) and reveal their innate physical beauty. He catches us off guard by exaggerating small things, shrinking the big, glorifying the ordinary, and disrupting the precious, reminding us that the aesthetic experience happens only when our senses are popped open and our preoccupations with life disappear. Amado’s recent first-hand experience with illness and prescription drugs has brought him to consider the universal presence of pharmaceuticals, how they occupy our everyday lives in ways that range from simple self-indulgence to confronting pain and death. Here he focuses on medication, its beauty, power, and consequence. In true Amado form, the work enlightens and mesmerizes. Take a dose.

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