May/June 2013

New works will be featured at our location in New York in an individual exhibition for Pedro Diego Alvarado-Rivera.

Alvarado was born in 1956 in Mexico City. In 1974, he studied at La Escuela Nacional de Pintura y Escultura and from 1976-77 he studied at la Academia de San Carlos. The following year, he moved to France and studied at École Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts and apprenticed with the great eminence of early 20th century photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson. His works have been included in numerous exhibitions throughout Mexico and the United States. In November 2012 his work was the subject of a retrospective at a major museum in Mexico City.

Alvarado-Rivera has devoted most of his pictorial work to the representation of fruits, flowers, and vegetables blooming and ripening. He depicts still-lifes that conjure the limitless abundance of the Mexican natural world. Together with his sublime rural landscapes, Alvarado’s detailed, compassionate natural studies offer a compelling new examination of Mexican artistic awareness.



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