Why is the Sky Blue? I Ruiz-Healy Art

Jesse Amado, Chuck Ramirez, Cecilia Biagini, Nate Cassie, Cisco Jiménez, Hills Snyder
Essay by Octavio Avendaño Trujillo, 2015

Publisher: Ruiz-Healy Art.

ISBN: 978-1364513900

Dimensions: 8 x 10 in

Pages: 42

Why is the Sky Blue? explores the gradual shift within the modern tradition of abstraction, a shift where abstract signs are translatable and challenge the viewer from the poetic to the political. From this stems the inclusion in this exhibition of twelve artists from the United States, Mexico and Argentina, whose production encompasses works which date back to 1971 (Hersúa, Mexico) and extend to the present with Jesse Amado’s site-specific intervention. The purpose of this exhibition is to make us raise questions, to enable contemplative encounters and to make us critics of our contemporary society.