Cecilia Paredes: El No Retorno

Essays by Blanca Berlín, Miguel A. Lopez and Gwendolyn Dubois Shaw
Blanca Berlín, Rafael Levenfeld and Valentín Vallhonrat, 2018

Publisher: Museo Universidad de Navarra.

ISBN: 978-84-8081-640-3

Dimensions: 11.4 X 9.4 In

Pages: 128

Published by the Museum University of Navarra, Spain on the ocassion of Cecilia Paredes El No Retorno

The non-return is a project that emerged from the observations of Cecilia Paredes, through her artistic experiences on universal issues that disturb human beings and their relation with their natural and cultural surroundings. The exhibition, curated by Blanca Berlín, Rafael Levenfeld and Valentín Vallhonrat, covers history throughout different forms of artistic expressions centring on ideas such as memory or the human desire of redemption through making amendmente over time, all related to the notions of power, religion or womanhood.


Essays in Spanish and English.