Cecilia Paredes: The Perpetual Wanderer

Fundación Museos Banco Central de Costa Rica
María José Monge Picado, 2016

Publisher: Central Bank Museums Foundation.

ISBN: 978-9968-530-34-7

Dimensions: 8 x 11'

Pages: 70

The Perpetual Wanderer is a collection of works based on the migratory experience of Cecilia Paredes. The artist proposes a metaphorical approach on immigration building upon her personal history, in which belonging, displacement, and adaptation are fundamental in the transformational process experienced when abroad.


Cecilia Paredes (1950) is a Peruvian artist whose life has taken her from Lima, México D.F., Rome, and San José —where she lived for twenty-four years— to the United States of America, where she currently resides. Paredes pioneeered intimist art —in which body, memory, and the feminine voice play a key role— in Costa Rica. Likewise, she set precedents in the development of works of an objectual installative nature, as well as in the use of organic resources and discarded objects as raw material in her works. She also made significant contributions to the exploration of the artist’s body as a referent and a means of expression, and in the development of photoperformance. 

Spanish and English texts in columns.