Cecilia Paredes: el río que fluye por dentro

Essay by Jan Garden Castro

Publisher: Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano.

ISBN: 9786124525780

Dimensions: 9 X 9.5"

Pages: 118

The exhibition comprises a series of installations of small and large format, sculptures and photo performance by Cecilia Paredes (b. Peru, lives and works in Philadelphia and San José de Costa Rica since 1988). Using natural waste materials the artist creates 6 installations: Habitación (Room), made with six panels of copper; Geometría (Geometry), is a grid, made of blue wire -- Ucayali sticks of rain which together make a sound in perpetual motion, which recreate the Ucayali River; Percepción (Perception), a structure suspended pointing skyward; Nido (Nest) a mobile structure made with silk worms chrysalis -- Rito (Rite) boats made of wire forming a 'Tower' on Earth; and 4 sculptures and 2 photo performances: Laberinto interrumpido (Labyrinth interrupted) a clear allusion to the labyrinth of Chartres; Tapiz (Tapestry) made with butterflies chrysalis; Collar (Necklace) made with Porcupine spines and Moebius, a metaphor for the search of the individual, his path in life; Vacío (Vacuum) knotted and woven wire structure and Laberinto abierto (Open Labyrinth) inspired in the charteriana prison concept.