Margarita Cabrera: Collaborative Work I Ruiz-Healy Art

Editor Patricia Ruiz-Healy, Ph.D.

Publisher: Ruiz-Healy Art.

ISBN: 978-0464832997

Dimensions: 10x8 in

Pages: 42

Margarita Cabrera: Collaborative Work presents sculpture, textile, watercolor, and prints that highlight the artist’s work produced collectively. Currently, Cabrera is working on a public art piece, commissioned by the San Antonio River Foundation, Arbol de la Vida: Voces de la Tierra near Mission Espada in San Antonio, Texas, which incorporates up to 700 participants. The massive public artwork is scheduled to be unveiled in October 2018, but Ruiz-Healy Art has correlating artworks from the project on display, along with some of the artist’s other community-centered projects.