Pinta Art Fair: New York City

November 10 - 13, 2011 New York

Ruiz-Healy Art is pleased to participate in the fifth edition of Pinta New York City Art Fair with the work of Cecilia Biagini, Andrés Ferrandis, and Chuck Ramirez. 


The recent works by Andrés Ferrandís are not his typical translucent geometric installations, but paintings that incorporate mixed media and text, such as “flying,” in a work that recreated the story of Icarus. It reflected a return to the unconscious, a return to the mythical in which, as Nietzsche proclaimed, rational logic is overflowed and a connection with other sources is reached. The presentation of the work of Cecilia Biagini consists of wood reliefs with her take on geometric abstraction and imbued with bright colors. Chuck Ramirez's photographs create a bridge between the dimensionality of Biagini's and the abstract work of Ferrandis. Ramirez took the skills that he used to design catalogues and product labels to transform objects from beyond the periphery of consumer desire — beaten pinatas, wilting flower arrangements — into chic, radiant images.

Installation Views