Oscuro Corazón: Chuck Ramirez: Madrid

September 11 - November 15, 2014

Ruiz-Healy Art is pleased to announce a special solo exhibition of works by Chuck Ramirez opening September 11, 2014 at renowned contemporary photography gallery Blanca Berlín Galería in Spain. Ruiz-Healy Art is the exclusive representative of the estate of Chuck Ramirez (1962-2010), one of San Antonio’s most beloved and critically acclaimed artists. Ramirez mixed an Arte Povera-like appreciation for the humble aspects of life with a graphic designer’s elan, bringing a joyous affirmation to acute observations on cultural identity, consumerism, and the limits of mortality. Working in series of photographs, Ramirez depicted the detritus of life—filled garbage bags, castoff brooms, empty candy trays, and broken piñatas—in stark portraits that mime the polished techniques of advertising layouts and package design.  


Located on Madrid’s historic Plaza Guardias de Corps, Blanca Berlín presents an international selection of established artists from Spain, France, Israel, South Korea, the USA, and Latin America. The upcoming exhibition, which will include pieces from the Brooms, Seven Days, Lost and Found, Purse Portrait, Coconut, Whatacup, and Candy Tray series of Ramirez’s large-format photographs, is a significant stride in furthering the Ruiz-Healy Art program of collaborative projects.

This exhibition builds on the program established with Chuck Ramirez: Minimally Baroque curated by Victor Zamudio-Taylor and exhibited at San Antonio’s Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, 2011 and Dina Mitrani Gallery, Miami, Florida, 2012.