Art in Dialogue: Color, Form & Line

November 3 - December 30, 2006 San Antonio

The inaugural exhibit of Ruiz-Healy Art Gallery featured the work of Pedro Diego Alvarado, Graciela Iturbide, Pedro Friedeberg, Angel Rodriguez-Diaz, Roger Von Gunten and Ray Smith.  


Ray Smith showed work from two series: watercolors and bronzes inspired by the surrealist game of "exquisite corpses" and portraits of timepieces that have been manipulated by a NASA computer program. The iconic hand chair by Pedro Friedeberg was displayed along with other sculptures and works on paper. Graciela Iturbide's black and white photographs took center stage in one of the rooms while Pedro Diego Alvarado still life paintings of fruits reminded the viewer of the richness of color, form and line. Angel Rodriguez-Diaz self portraits paintings shows himself holding a fan and wearing a Mexican hat, an allusion to his humorous side. A selection of prints of Mexican masters like Mathias Goeritz, Rufino Tamayo, Francisco Toledo and Rodolfo Morales were also on display.

Installation Views