Shinzaburo Takeda and "Five Visions"

November 7 - December 21, 2007 San Antonio

Ruiz-Healy Art is please to present an exhibition of  paintings and works on paper by Japanese Mexican artist Shinzaburo Takeda. Between his loving depictions of Oaxaca and its people, his distinctive technique, and dedication to teaching, Takeda has earned the title maestro. Shinzaburo Takeda oil paintings and works on paper provide the viewer with a unique documentation of dances, dresses and costumes from the state of Oaxaca a place he considers home and where he teaches a new generation of artists. 


Five Visions 

An exhibition -like a building-, requires focus and intense planning. When considering the artists for the November 2007 exhibition, Patricia Ruiz Healy had in mind individual high quality art, a variety of images and materials, and a succession of expressions that would enhance the viewers' experience through the visual arts. Although it seems that such an experience just 'happens' it is an elaborated process, a combined relation between stimuli and perception. Stimuli provided by the artworks, and even the way they are set up together. Perception -which seems to be natural and just happening-, is a much more elaborated activity in which physiology and psychophysics have to do. An exhibition at an art gallery needs to take sales into account just as much as education, including stimuli and perception. If those elements don't go together, the exhibition lacks depth. An art exhibition is a communication resource that has to do with sharing, expanding the spirit, adding new ideas and experiences. Benjamín Domínguez, Nicolás Leiva, Leonel Maciel, Manuel Mendive and Cristina Piceda will guide us through the aforementioned paths.




Installation Views