Cecilia Paredes: Nature my significant other

October 20 - December 17, 2011 San Antonio

From Nature, My Significant Other by Janet Batet


"In the globalized era we live in, characterized by that liquid modernity announced by Zygmunt Bauman, the transitional is the only stable condition. Amid this fluid panorama where spatial coordinates are no longer the main enclave, everything seems to be marked by the lack of permanence, continuous displacement, and perennial adaptation.


"In the midst of this new historical condition, the body appears as the final stronghold. Container of all our wishes and fantasies, the body emerges as a suitable altar to our existence, while becoming essential in our mediation with the others.


"The oeuvre of Cecilia Paredes has been based on this precept since the beginning, making of this physical space –read the body– the theme of inspiration and recurrence in all her works. It is not a coincidence. The central interest in Cecilia Paredes’ work constitutes an existential debate and a question of ontological nature perennially open. The body then is the suitable container of that internal channel that shapes our existence in our constant wandering through life. It is what the artist calls, 'the river that flows through' and whose sense of constant fluidity connects perfectly with the idea of resiliency that typifies our era."


Installation Views