Infinite Horizons: Abelardo López and Leigh Anne Lester

Essays by Alana Coates and David S. Rubin

Publisher: Ruiz-Healy Art.

ISBN: 978-1320670036

Dimensions: 10x8 in

Pages: 36

Born in San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca in 1957, López’s entire oeuvre has centered on the natural environment that he was immersed in as a child; however, López transforms the genre by pushing the medium of painting itself with his signature style of carved impasto and his devotion to the radiant light of the south.

Lester’s fascination and trepidation about the fact that humans and plants can be genetically altered have been the impetus for her ongoing series of hybrid botanical drawings…Using transparent drafting film in lieu of opaque paper, Lester developed a method of optically blending sections of disparate plant caritas by drawing separate species on individual sheets of drafting film and layering them to form cohesive images of mutant plants.