Ethel Shipton and Nate Cassie: Either or, or Both I Ruiz-Healy Art

Essays by Jenny Browne and Michael Theune

Publisher: Ruiz-Healy Art.

ISBN: 978-1367417458

Dimensions: 8 x 10 in

Pages: 42

Based in San Antonio, Cassie and Shipton are a multidisciplinary creative couple, each known for exploring human perceptions of space and duration through a wide range of media and expression. As artists/curators, Cassie and Shipton have collaborated on Vacancy, a series of one-night projects in San Antonio, and have exhibited their individual works internationally. Cassie’s work deals with what he terms “spaces in between,” the gaps that distance surface from volume, skin, and structure, formal and intuitive systems. Shipton’s practice is informed by a strong conceptual base and encompasses a variety of expression. Through painting, installation, photography, and text, Shipton spotlights instants of clarity that flit by in the comings and goings of daily life.