Blue is Not a Color

July 11 - September 1, 2018 San Antonio

Ruiz-Healy Art, San Antonio, Texas, is pleased to present an exciting and fresh take exploring the color blue. Curated by Ruiz-Healy Art’s Senior Gallery Assistant, Casie Lomeli, in Blue is Not a Color, eight artists explore the nuances of the color blue.


Artists included from Ruiz-Healy Art’s roster of artists are Jesse Amado, who has long highlighted his admiration in his practice for the intense ultramarine pigment first mixed by Yves Klein—International Klein Blue. Richard Armendariz connects to the celestial for his appropriation of the hue. Cecilia Biagini infuses the color into her dynamic balance of linear but fluid patterns within her monotypes. And the signature-style photo-performances that meditate on ideas of origins, camouflage, transformation, and the body are included by Cecilia Paredes in blue.


The exciting juxtaposition of emerging guest artists includes Cade Bradshaw, an artist incorporating biology and, more specifically, herpetology (the blue underbelly of lizards) into his color studies. Jennifer Ling Datchuk explores her Asian heritage and specifically connects Chinese blue-and-white porcelain traditions. Deliasofia Zacarias employs Mexican tile traditions inspired by Azul Añil, the shade of blue from Frida Kahlo’s house. And Andrea Reyes pushes pigment to new textual dimensions.


Installation Views