Leap Year Exhibit

February 29 - April 15, 2012 San Antonio

Ruiz-Healy Art is pleased to present “Leap Year Exhibit” featuring New York Artist Creighton Michael and Texas artists Constance Lowe and George Schroeder. The exhibit balances Michael and Lowe’s abstract paintings and drawings with Schroeder’s metal sculpture and unique furniture pieces. 


Creighton Michael will be showing at Ruiz-Healy Art for the first time. Displaying paintings from several of his series will give the audience an overview of his work. IMPACT is a series of oil paintings executed on concave panels, which explore the dynamic vibrancy of gesture. Developed as a counter both structurally and conceptually to the FIELD paintings, IMPACT, with its interconnected marking episodes, references in two-dimensional terms the drawing activity captured in the reliefs of the RHAPSODY series.


Constance Lowe investigates the unstable nature of perception, the agency of color, and techniques of exchange between manual and digital processes via colored pencil drawings on drafting film, oil paintings, and sewn felt works.


George Schroeder's artwork, both sculpture and furniture, are known for physicality, rawness and remarkable elegance. The artist's interest is to create abstract sculptures that evoke tension within form; for the sculptures to ultimately to change the space into a definitive visual experience. 


Ruiz-Healy Art brings together these three artists in celebration of its connections to both Texas and New York. Ruiz-Healy Art recently opened a private gallery space in New York and looks forward to bringing more New York artists to Texas, and vice-versa.

Installation Views