Cecilia Biagini I Elizabeth Jobim: Kinetic & Geometric Abstract Art

May 28 - July 31, 2009 San Antonio

Cecilia Biagini paints elaborate acrylic and flashe on canvas paintings, makes relieves in elegant sparkling colors and gold or silver leaf on wood, creates small or extended plexiglass painted mobiles, does installations and photography. When reading the titles, we are struck by the philosophical direction of the language which is humbly hidden behind all the visual developments she obtains: Circular Transmission, The Relative Movement, Spatial Frequencies are the most meaningful. In this poetry –visual and textual– she continues the Argentinean intellectual legacy of poets and visual artists Jorge Luis Borges, Miguel Angel Silva, and Julio Le Parc, though she expands the specific realm of kinetic art from her home country through the personal rhythm she expresses in her artwork.    


A Brazilian painter living and working in Rio de Janeiro, Elizabeth Jobim creates sophisticated oil on canvas revisions of the Concrete movement. At first glance the viewer has a perception of flat surface, then, approaching the artwork, the different depths of some sections become visible. Her relieves bridge painting and sculpture which project themselves as almost imperceptible shadows on the walls. In some paintings, one can perceive the likes of subtle expanded scores. The artwork by Elizabeth -daughter of Brazilian musician Antonio Carlos Jobim- reflects her interest in music, which she recreates through well elaborated compositions.


Installation Views